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Canary Limited publishes a wide range of books, posters and quiz cards to enable learning and facilitate GCP and regulatory compliance.

Good clinical practice (GCP) is an international quality standard that is provided by ICH, an international body that defines standards, which governments can transpose into regulations for clinical trials involving human subjects. A similar guideline for clinical trials of medical devices is the international standard ISO 14155, that is valid in the European Union as a harmonized standard. These standards for clinical trials are sometimes referred to as ICH-GCP or ISO-GCP to differentiate between the two and the lowest grade of recommendation in clinical guidelines.

GCP follows the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) of GCP guidelines. GCP enforces tight guidelines on ethical aspects of a clinical study. High standards are required in terms of comprehensive documentation for the clinical protocol, record keeping, training, and facilities, including computers and software. Quality assurance and inspections ensure that these standards are achieved. GCP aims to ensure that the studies are scientifically authentic and that the clinical properties of the investigational product are properly documented.

GCP guidelines include protection of human rights for the subjects and volunteers in a clinical trial. It also provides assurance of the safety and efficacy of the newly developed compounds.

GCP guidelines include standards on how clinical trials should be conducted, define the roles and responsibilities of clinical trial sponsors, clinical research investigators, and monitors

Canary also publishes the "Advisor" newsletter.
Clinical Research and Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor is a quick and easy to read newsletter, usually consisting of 8 pages, published 20 times per annum. The newsletter provides an ideal opportunity for busy clinical research and quality assurance professionals to keep up to date with the latest news and information. Available in paper and electronic (PDF) forms with various subscription options. For more information click here

Our sister company, Brookwood International Academy, is an independent Academy specialising in clinical research and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training and certification for a wide range of commercial and non-commercial organisations. The basic, advanced and online training, with examinations and certification, is recognised for continuous professional development (CPD) credits by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom).
Our products are suitable for all members of the clinical research teams at both sponsor and investigator sites. They are also useful for members of ethics committees, regulatory authorities and anyone needing knowledge of clinical research good practices. We provide initial ongoing training for major regulatory authorities and students at the University of Surrey.

Our collaboration with Argint International allows our accredited courses to be delivered in Central and Eastern Europe.

Further details of our face to face courses and webinars can be found at www.brookwoodacademy.org or our online courses at www.brookwoodtraining-online.net


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